Other Work

Shadow Moses Scene

Shadow Moses – Dynamic scene created in OpenGL. Recreation of the Metal Gear Solid Shadow Moses heliport. Features include a terrain made from a heightmap, moving spotlights, surveillance cameras, and a cardboard box.

Flash Fighter – This game is a 2D fighter developed in Adobe Flash inspired by the Capcom fighting games. Features AI, special moves and hyper combos.

Procedural Terrain – Procedural terrain created in DirectX using octaves of simplex noise.

Contra – This application is a 2D platformer based on the popular game Contra, created in Windows using C++. Gameplay involves the player trying to survive waves of enemies until the time runs out.

Fuzzy Logic – Fuzzy Logic steering created in Unity to control a car and keep it following the racing line. Fuzzy Logic is a technique that allows a variable or statement to have a degree of truth, such as slightly left or extremely hot, rather than simply left or hot. The application allows users to move the racing line and see the resulting calculation of the fuzzy logic.