Helion Strike




Helion Strike is an arena based space combat game, where you must mine nearby asteroids to upgrade your weapons, your ship and your defenses to prepare for incoming hostiles.

Gameplay consists of mining asteroids for minerals to upgrade your ship and weapons for devastating results, and discovering rare parts to unlock new exiting weapons. Enemy fighters will attack in waves, so you will have to bring the right weapons to defend yourself and your base ship!

Your base ship will also give you side objectives to complete, but don’t get too distracted as once your base ship’s systems begin to fail, it will leave without you if you don’t return to the hangar bay in time!

Weapons include machine guns, missiles, bombs, deployable turrets, particles beams and much more!

Once you have secured and mined an area, you will continue deeper into enemy space where more dangers await!

For more information about the game, check out my Steam Greenlight page and follow me on twitter!